Roller Blinds Melbourne

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Affordable and Stylish Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Looking for a wonderful option to block light and maintain privacy while giving asober yet elegant look to the rooms? Well, roller blinds are the answer!

Easily install roller blinds in your homes and offices to add style and define the modern spaces. Scaled down rooms in Melbourne have more use of Roller blinds. Moreover, these blinds are also quite effective in reducing glares from Television and computer screens.

Roller blinds speak of modernity, style, and affordability – all rolled into one and has become synonymous with homes and offices in Melbourne. Available in a huge variety, Roller blinds have their own style statements.

Female Choice Blinds has an exclusive collection of roller blinds in Melbourne. Further, our premium range of roller blinds in Melbourne not only provides you great quality but our expert technicians also provide quick roller blinds installation in Melbourne.

Roller Blinds Melbourne
Roller Blinds Melbourne

What are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds involve a piece of material which is attached to a rod and can be rolled up or down using an attached cord. These had been in the market since years but the modern upsurge of these embellishments has brought a whole range of materials, colors, and finish.

Roller blinds are an absolute solution to maintain privacy. Further, they also provide an ultimate control over light and air as and when required. Due to the solid character of these blinds, these are widely suitable in rooms for sleeping and kids’ rooms. Roller blinds are also perfect for work spaces that require the elimination of light. Those who work during the night and need to sleep during the day can install these blinds to eliminate light completely and sleep peacefully.

Female Choice Blinds provide a range of customization services according to the size of windows. Also, we have roller blinds in an array of materials like linen, printed materials and awide range of colors.

You can fit roller blinds anywhere inside your home or office. Roller eye-port blinds can be installed in thekitchen to control light according to need while shower-rooms can have water resistant ones. These can be cleaned and maintained easily as well.

Roller Blinds Melbourne
Roller Blinds Melbourne

Our Range of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds range from simple sober ones to sophisticated, colorful and even with hi-tech features. Roller blinds are versatile easy to customize according to the requirements to become most functional and useful. Let’s check out the wide ranges available at

Based on lift system, there are 3 types of Rollers blinds:

  • Cordlessroller blinds provide safety for children along with a neat and smooth look.
  • Motorized Roller Blinds are most hi-tech. You can operate them with a remote control or power them with solar energy. Further, they are available in choicest colors and fabrics.
  • Continuous Cord Loop Roller Blinds are meantfor high and tall windows where the hand will not reach. Therefore, the continuous cord is attached to the wall and coloris coordinated according to the fabric chosen to render a flawless look.

Based on functions and other features, here is the list of roller blinds we provide:

  • Block out Roller blinds

These can completely block out daylight and provide maximum privacy. Additionally, they can even block the brightest sun rays. The special fabric material is held by tough aluminum rods to provide maximum privacy and these may come with an additional feature of insulation.

  • Sunscreen Roller Blinds

These can block the Australian sun light like sun glasses and allow acontrolled amount of light into the room.

  • Translucent Roller Blinds

These are perfect for rooms where we need light but also privacy. Additionally, these blinds are easy to operate with a single chain to pull up and down.

  • Double Roller Blinds

These can be called Day and Night Roller blinds to serve thedual purpose of blocking and screening light. Multipurpose rooms can have this type of Roller blinds installed to block light during watching television or allow light and maintain privacy during day time.

Roller Blinds Melbourne
Roller Blinds Melbourne

Our Roller Blinds Installation Process

Female Choice Blinds follows a comprehensive installation process which involves a detailed evaluation of your space.

  • A professional team of experts will visit you and assess the spaces.
  • Accordingly, we will suggest the best type of Roller blinds for you to consider which will take care of the functions and utility.
  • Moreover, we will take measurements  accurately and prepare a quotation giving details of the work procedure and time frame.
  • Once you approve it, our team will take up the job and complete it with the best service and within given time frame.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have the most cost effective Roller blinds in Melbourne
  • Further, we give most importance to quality and customer service
  • Also, we have a carefully selected team of professionals

Best Roller Blinds Melbourne

Female Choice Blinds has the best roller blinds in Melbourne. Our technicians provide an expert roller blinds installation in Melbourne.

To know more about us and our services, get in touch with us today.

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