How to Select Blinds for Commercial Areas

Various window blinds and shades are now used to create a comfortable office atmosphere. In essence, blinds have become very important for any commercial space. Keeping that in mind the window treatment industry has also evolved over the past few years.

With the introduction of motorized shades and blinds, the office window treatment has become more revolutionary than ever before. And with companies providing a hassle-free installation experience firms are willing to shell out a few extra pounds to get the right climate at their workspace.

Before we divulge into other details about blind installation in commercial space and the costs involved let us have a look at the most popular shades in demand.

Commercial Blinds Installation
Commercial Blinds Installation

Trendy Window Coverings for Commercial Spaces.

  • Shutters –

    The main difference between shutters and window blinds derive from the fact that while blinds are fitted to the inner or outer recess, the shutter is attached to the window frame. Among other benefits, they are best for child safety, excellent insulators and very effective for light control.
  • Solar screens –

    The main reason to use these shades is to have an anti-glare mask for study and meeting rooms in particular and any other environment where light control is a must.
  • Cellular shades –

    Honeycomb cellular shades have two or more layers of fabric that converge into compartments built for the purpose of trapping air.
  • Wood blinds –

    Made of light material these blinds are suitable for large to very large-sized windows. However, for high humidity zones, they are risky to use given the tendency of wood to warp.

How to Select a Commercial Blind?

Apart from adding to the elegance of the interior environment commercial blinds should also enhance space designing. Other quality aspects of a standard commercial blind would be to provide sunlight protection at optimal energy costs.

Since these blinds come in almost all variants to choose a perfect one for your office space is a daunting task best left to professionals.

Commercial Blind Installation – Know-How!

Professional teams install commercial blind only after interior fittings are completed. Since even very small errors can lead to a streak of sunlight rays peeking in and distracting the work ethos eventually it is best to measure each unit perfectly.

Once the specifications are handed over experts start the process of installation.

Before being handed over all parameters are rechecked for ensuring an error-free job.

Again depending on the type of blind chosen, the specifications will differ. For instance, a roller shade will have a separate drive unit treatment when compared to its top.

Both will differ not only according to the size of windows but also the architectural structure of the building in general.

Depending upon how many blinds are placed in a given space, the power unit too varies & can be chosen from a variety of available options.

Commercial Blind Installation Cost Factor.

With almost two dozen different colours and designs to choose from you can get a basic motorized blind starting around 150$ and the best ones are priced at $450 and above.

Costly they are indeed, but a smooth and remote-based quiet operation with other benefits discussed earlier only add up to the aesthetic mood of the office environment.

Amongst other less costly options are the wooden blinds not used much these days.

Blinds Installation Service
Blinds Installation Service

Call to Our Professional Blind Installation Services. 

Not only are the window treatments done by our commercial experts superb, but they also give you a wide range of blinds made up of various materials and patterns as well install it free of cost.

We at Female Choice Blinds also have an up to date state of the art collection of commercial blinds that will catch your imagination like never before through our Best Blind Installation Service in Melbourne.

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