Roman Blinds Melbourne

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Beautiful Roman Blinds Installation in Melbourne

Add a perfect finesse to your interiors with the high-quality Roman blinds in Melbourne from Female Choice Blinds at best prices.

Roman Blinds are one of the most beautiful shades for windows. They look smooth and fantastic when pulled down. Roman blinds are used to block the sun and are operated using cords. The closed portion remains stacked neatly and the open portion remains smooth without any bumps or ribs.

Wish to flaunt more style and elegance than the traditional blinds available in themarket? Look no further than Female Choice Blinds! Roman blinds provided by us createa sober and snug effect which can seamlessly blendwith a wall paint or wall paper.

Roman Blinds Melbourne
Roman Blinds Melbourne

What are Roman blinds?

Roman Blinds, as the name suggests, have come down from the historical times in Rome when such blinds were used in the Roman Coliseum to block dust and sunlight.

Roman blinds have been in homes and offices for a long time. But a revival of these beautiful things has seen a resurgence of use in homes and offices. The best thing about Roman blinds is that these have the versatility of designs that can suit any kind of ambiance. Apart from the smooth seamless designs, Roman blinds are also available in loop and classic styles to give effects of depth and dimension. Flowing folds create depth in looped style while theclassic style has creased folds.

Roman blinds are delicately held together by a single cord that pulls up or down the sheet of material in even folds. When the folds are open, it gives a flat look which sets it apart from other types of blinds.

Along with the graceful look, Roman blinds are no less effective than traditional blinds to control light, air flow and provide required levels of privacy.

Flat Roman Blinds
Flat Roman Blinds

Our range of Roman blinds

If you are in love with aesthetics, then it’s a treat to go through our exclusive range of the Roman blinds. Female Choice Blinds provides an array of Roman blinds based on the design, color shades, material,and type of crease.

  • Flat Roman Blinds

These speak of simplicity and sobriety. Big bold patterns on the material which look continuous without any folds are very pleasing and even casual.

  • Waterfall or Hobbled Roman Blinds

These are beautiful and delicate to look and are also known by the name of looped or teardrop shades. The most beautiful feature of these blinds is that soft flowing folds run down the blinds creating a chic look.

  • Embellished Roman Blinds

This type of Roman blinds is a complex yet beautiful mix of rendering. Further, we can customize them as per your needs and desires. The center may gather vertically, the bottom may spread out or may sport a curve and trimming can be done with fringe, tassels, and beads.

  • Light filtering, Room Darkening, and Privacy

Roman blinds come with additional features in which the fabric can help you create privacy or darken the room and filter light according to requirement.

Waterfall  or Hobbled Roman-Blinds
Waterfall or Hobbled Roman-Blinds

Our Roman Blinds Melbourne Installation Process

Female Choice Blinds has an efficient team who gives you the best service at the most affordable costs. Our installation process is simple and follows certain basic steps.

  • We will send our professional team to assess the space where the Roman blinds need installing.
  • Based on our extensive research and study, we will suggest you which type of Roman blinds will be suitable for your room.
  • Further, we take proper measurements with the most accurate method.
  • After the complete evaluation, a quotation will be provided which will require your approval.
  • Once you approve, our expert team will take up the job and execute it within the most professional manner
Roman Blinds Installation
Roman Blinds Installation

Why Choose Us?

  • We are the best in the market and have the best range of Roman Blinds.
  • Also, we not only provide the best service but also give expert advice on selecting the right Roman blinds.
  • Our skilled team is the best in Melbourne who gives professional service in the minimum time span.
  • Additionally, we give the best value for your money and believe in good customer relationships.
  • Moreover, we provide prompt customer service

Best Roman Blinds in Melbourne

We believe in the quality of service rather than seeking more profit. We believe we can make you happy with our services the way we have done for many others. To have a look over our exotic collection of Roman blinds in Melbourne, contact us today!

Blinds Installation Services Melbourne
Blinds Installation Services Melbourne

Guaranteed Same Day Blind Installation Service By Female Choice Blinds

Female Choice blinds have an experienced and well-trained staff of professionals that can provide you with any kinds of blind installation service. Our professional staff is well equipped with modern tools and equipment which can help ease out the process of blind installation. With years of training and experience, we can deliver complete roman blind installation on the same day of hiring.

Our fast and proactive blind installation service will save you a lot of time and money. Without delaying any work we can start blind installation whenever you want us to begin. Fast same day service is carried out without compromising the quality of our blind installation and while also providing complete customer satisfaction. Same day blind installation service is guaranteed by us and you can avail the benefits of blind installation by hiring us today.

Female choice blinds have a variety of options for you all of them will be provided within the same day without thinking about extra costs and delay time intervals. Save time and money and get the best roman blind installation to deliver by Female Choice Blinds today.

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