Venetian Blinds Melbourne

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Stylish and Affordable Venetian Blinds in Melbourne

Let your room speak for its interiors in a number of ways through Venetian blinds in Melbourne at best affordable rates!

Venetian Blinds come in different styles to suit the customized needs of homes and offices in Melbourne. Female Choice Blinds has an exclusive range of Venetian blinds in Melbourne. We, in addition to providing the high-quality Venetian blinds, also provide blinds installation services in Melbourne.

Female Choice Blinds has an array of stylish Venetian blinds including the likes ofAluminum Venetian Blinds, Timber Venetian Blinds, Timber-Like Venetian Blinds and Ventex Venetian Blinds.

Venetian Blinds Melbourne
Venetian Blinds Melbourne

Venetian blinds speak of durability, style, and elegance. Available in various colors and shades Venetian blinds can change the look of your home and office by making them more welcoming.

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are stylish horizontal blinds which help to adjust the amount of light we wish to allow the room. Further, they are easy to install, reasonable to afford and can ensure most privacy.

These blinds are available in different materials including wood and aluminum. However, they are also made of other composite materials like wood and plastic which make these blinds more cost effective.

Venetian blinds have slats that are arranged horizontally held by cords which when pulled can be adjusted according to the amount of natural light you wish to let inside the room. The blinds are easy to control as the slats can be  rotated 180 degrees by overlapping on one another either facing inwards or outwards. Lift cords help in pulling the blinds up or down. You can adjust the slats not only to control light but the amount of air flow as well.

Venetian Blinds Melbourne
Venetian Blinds Melbourne

The best thing about Venetian blinds is that these go well with both conventional as well as contemporary settings. These blinds impart a graceful look to places of heritage. They also render sophistication to modern spaces.

Our Range of Venetian Blinds

Female Choice Blinds has an exclusive range of stylish and affordable Venetian blinds. Here are some of our varieties:

  • PVC Venetian Blinds

These are traditional Venetian blinds which may or may not have holes punched in. The ones without holes control the light better. Additionally, these blinds are highly popular. Moreover, they are water resistant and easy to clean and are therefore suitable for bathrooms.

  • Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian blinds are elegant and easy to use. These blinds are available in several colors and styles. These can look formal as well as casual and are suitable for office, home or any other relevant spaces. Also, aluminum blinds are strong, affordable and long lasting which can be a good investment to consider.

  • Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds are usually made from basswood. They are available in printed, painted and stained wood grain textures and render different looks to your rooms.

Aluminum and Timber Venetian blinds are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

Our Venetian Blinds Installation Process

Venetian Blinds Melbourne
Venetian Blinds Melbourne

Venetian Blinds are traditional, classic and durable for any home or office. Female Choice Blinds has a team of professionals which can determine your requirements and even guide you on which kind of Venetian blinds will suit your home or office windows. Also, our color and texture guide can help you decide which will be the best option for you. The Venetian blinds we have are affordable with a wide variety to choose from.

Our process is a very convenient for our customers. Our skilled team will reach your place and assess which types of Venetian blinds are most suitable. Also, we have prompt service which ensures hassle free work done in minimum time.

Blind installation requires proper measurement. Additionally, our team will take measurements of each window in millimeters to ensure most accuracy. After evaluating everything, a quotation will be provided for you to approve.

Once you approve the deal with us, we provide quality service within minimum time.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for stylish and affordable Venetian blinds then you have come to the right place. Our research team has wide knowledge on the kinds of Venetian blinds that work best. Further, the latest designs are available with us that can set your home and office apart from others.

Ranging from soft gentle hues and sober designs to bright colors and bold styles, we have answers for all types of spaces and moods. Moreover, our blinds are UV protected, easy to maintain and clean and also resistant to discoloration and fading.

Best Venetian Blinds Melbourne

We are the best in Venetian blinds. We can customize the Venetian blinds according to your specific needs and requirements. Thus, know more about us today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Venetian Blinds Melbourne:

Do you carry any blinds/shades in-stock?

Yes, we have the stock of the ready-made blinds as well as we take an order for the manufacturing. We have facilities for both custom design or ready-made. There are many customers who want to have ready-made curtains so we have the stock for it. All the curtains are made from quality fabrics and designs.

What are custom window coverings?

When the coverings for the window is manufactured on the order of the customer so that it fits properly on it then it is called custom window coverings. It is best to have as it will be perfectly fitting and then only the window will look better. The installation has also got an impactful role.

I have an odd-shaped window, can you help me cover that?

The odd shape of the window does not matter for us. Our technicians can take the measurement of that odd shape properly and we will make the perfect fitting blinds for it. This is our work to prepare blinds for all shapes windows and beautify them.

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