Vertical Blinds Melbourne

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Stylish Vertical Blinds Installation in Melbourne

Are you as much in love with Vertical blinds as we are? Undoubtedly, vertical blinds are used widely in Melbourne as these are stylish and user-friendly. They control the amount of light and air entering into the room using cords that hold the vertical slats.

Vertical blinds provide utmost privacy and control the amount of light and air when needed. Thus, if you love to go off- beat rather than conventional styles, Vertical blinds are a perfect solution for you.

Looking for some exotic collection of Vertical blinds? We just got you covered! Female Choice Blinds is a leading Vertical blinds provider in Melbourne.

Vertical Blinds Melbourne
Vertical Blinds Melbourne

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds are slats that run vertically instead of the traditional horizontal fashion. These look different and are suitable for people who wish their homes and offices to be set apart from others. Though vertical blinds have been in use for many years nowadays the designs, materials, and textures available are quite modern to give achic sophisticated look.

Vertical blinds are so popular due to the low prices, wide variety and the versatility it offers. You can pull them completely or only tilt the slats to various degrees to allow the amount of light you wish to let in. Available in a wide range be it office or home vertical blinds can be used anywhere to set the perfect tone and ambiance of any room.

Female Choice Blinds has an exotic variety of Vertical blinds. We provide customized vertical blinds according to draw types – one-way draw, split stack, and center stack. The one-way draw is the conventional one-side stack either to left or right, split stack is when the stacks are on either side and thecenter stack is in middle of the window.

Vertical Blinds Melbourne
Vertical Blinds Melbourne

Our Range of Vertical Blinds

Female Choice Blinds has an array of Vertical blinds on offer. We have a wide range of colors, textures, and materials to choose from.

  • Faux wood PVC Vertical blinds

These are both delicate and affordable.

  • PVC Vertical Blinds

The classic smooth and textured PVC vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain, therefore, can be used for homes. These are usually thick and also translucent and control the amount of light. These are also fire resistant therefore much safer.

  • Light control Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come with various add on features to make your rooms more comfortable and customized exactly the way you wish them to be. There are light control, light filtering, room darkening and blackout versions of vertical blinds available to suit your needs perfectly.

  • Wooden Vertical Blinds

These are a class apart and suitable for those who have no restrictions in spending little more.

  • Metal Vertical Blinds

Usually made from aluminum, metal vertical blinds are recommended when there are many windows and sliding doors to be done. Moreover, these are affordable and are available in various colors and designs.

  • Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds which come in a variety of soft colors usually have wider panels. These are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. These give the dual soft effect of curtains and sleekness of blinds.

Vertical Blinds Melbourne
Vertical Blinds Melbourne

Our Vertical Blinds Installation Process

Female Choice Blinds follows a highly professional installation process. Let’s see it in detail:

  • Our team of skilled Vertical blinds experts and interior designers will visit your home or office and evaluate which type of vertical blinds will be best for your need.
  • We will explain the details and provide you the best suggestions from which you have to decide what type of Vertical blinds to consider.
  • We will measure the windows and sliding doors in millimeters to ensure most accuracy.
  • Vertical Blinds involve a more complex procedure to install. However, our experts handle it properly
  • Once we complete the evaluation, we will provide the expense quotation which on approval will finalize the deal.
  • Our expert team will give quality service within minimum time.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have the best and largest variety of vertical blinds
  • Further, we have a highly skilled team that can install the blinds in most professional manner.
  • Also, we have extensive knowledge based on our research to guide you on which type of vertical blinds will work best for you.
  • Moreover, we offer the best prices
  • Additionally, we have prompt customer service
  • Further, we don’t give importance to money we give importance to customer relations

Best Vertical Blinds Melbourne

If you decide to employ us, we assure you to give the best vertical blinds in Melbourne along with a service you will love to refer to others.

Female Choice Blinds Offers Same Day Blind Installation Service

Female Choice blinds is a well-known name in providing their customers with the best blind installation service. We boast an esteemed staff of professionals who excel in the field of blind installation. With an experienced and qualified staff of technicians, we can deliver blind installation service on the same day of hiring. We utilize modern tools and equipment that can ease out the blind installation. Our fast proactive blinds installation service delivered without ever compromising on the quality and effectiveness. We guarantee to deliver blind installation within 24 hours without compromising our part of the deal. Avail the benefits of this fast blind installation service and save time. By saving you time and money we can boast of your complete satisfaction. Hire Female choice blinds today and avail the benefits of same day blind installation service at affordable costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Vertical Blinds Melbourne:

What is the delivery time for the products?

The delivery from us are generally delivered within 2 days of the order. There may be a change when you order in bulk or for some other reasons which we will inform you. For the quick delivery, you can select blinds from our stock.

Do I have to take down my old blinds?

If you book our technicians for installation, they will take out the old blinds and place the new one. We always give a complete service and help our customers in the best way.

Are the blinds made in Australia?

We have skilled and experienced professionals for making each type of blinds at our workshop. All the blinds we supply are made by us in Australia. You can also visit our workshop.

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